What does your anxiety look like?

What does your anxiety look like? This morning, mine looks like a super muddled, very chaotic brain, the beginnings of a headache, and restlessness. So I got up, took some medicine, and made coffee.

In an effort to try and settle my brain, I keep reminding myself…

Your thoughts are running away with you. Don’t chase them.

That frantic feeling – thanks to my brain being fixated on all things stressful – is not real. You are ok. Everything is ok.

Those guilt feelings – the ridiculous, dramatic looming ones – aren’t real either. You are ok. Everything is ok.

You don’t have to do anything right now. It does not all need to be done right now. That urge to get up and go do every, single thing today is fleeting. Don’t chase it.

All those things you keep coming up with that are wrong, bothersome, problems… there are not a many as your brain would lead you to believe. You are ok. Everything is ok.

All those noises – the dog scratching, the cat walking, the air conditioner running, Keith breathing, the birds outside, the phone notifications – they are not as loud and worrisome as you think. Tune it all out.

Your Amanda Brain knows this is all nonsense. Don’t let the Anxiety Brain rage. You got this. You are ok. Everything is ok.

Don’t cry. Just breathe. Think of all the good things. Pray. Count your blessings. You’re surrounded by love. You are ok. Everything is ok.

Make coffee, move about, look outside. Change your focus. Keep breathing.

I would venture to say that this morning’s series of intrusive thoughts and anxious feels are the makings of a full-on anxiety attack. Talking myself through it has been key for the last few hours, and writing about it has helped.

Do you have anxiety? Does it overwhelm you sometimes? What do you do about yours? How do you cope? Do you have a support system? Do you keep it to yourself?

I hate it. I hate the whole thing for all of us who struggle. You’re not alone, and it’s hard. We are ok. Everything is ok.

“I call out to the Lord when I’m in trouble, and he answers me.” Psalm 120:1

Published by Amanda Herring, Writer

Practical wisdom, joys and pains, motivation and tough love, from the perspective of a Mississippi mom, traveler, business owner, goal crusher, substance seeker, and full-time dreamer

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