Meet Amanda Herring

Amanda Herring is the oh-so-lucky wife of Keith and the proud mom of Blake and Brady. In her spare time, she owns and operates a thriving dance studio, as well as co-owns and co-operates a successful commercial kitchen equipment service company with Keith. She homeschools, reads a lot, wears a thumb ring, and has a collection of cool tennis shoes.

She’s an overthinking perfectionist who takes on too much and rests too little. With a loving heart and big dreams, she sets about each day to “be the change”, accomplish her goals, and make life better for herself, her family, and as many people as she can affect. She’s an undiagnosed obsessive, her refrigerator is full of old leftovers, and her laundry needs to be put in the dryer. Her house is probably a mess and she snores, but she’s a loyal friend and great dancer.

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