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Food for thought, inspiration, and motivation about nothing and everything from my perspective.

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“Etymology” is the study of the origin and evolution of words. I love words. I always have. “History & Grammar of the English Language” was one of my favorite classes in college. (Nerd alert!) I like reading about how words and phrases came to be, how they are used, and why some fade away yet…


This morning, I saw a lady on Instagram curating her beautiful house, tending her garden, and canning vegetables in ornate jars. I felt bad about myself. I flipped to a reel, and a girl was encouraging everyone to organize and minimize. She panned across her stark, clean living room. I felt bad about myself. I…


When I think of “strength”, what comes to mind? Muscles. Hercules. Brut force. Maybe pushing and pulling, carrying a heavy load. Sometimes I think of emotional strength. Standing stoically at a funeral. Walking into a first chemo treatment. Testifying in court against an assailant, in front of the assailant. What about mental strength? Taking the…

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Amanda Herring offers everyday observations, clever thoughts, and practical wisdom, from the perspective of a 40-something Mississippi wife, mom of teens, frequent traveler, business owner, goal chaser, magic maker, substance seeker, book reader, and full-time dreamer.

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