Things I Learned Today / Friday, July 23, 2021

Things I learned today…

Who knew that a post about avocado toast would get so much interaction?!

I actually do like avocado, for the record.

I took a new book to the coffee shop to read this morning, but I was so amused by everything going on around me, I didn’t get to it.

These two chicks, a redhead and a brunette, were sitting on the porch at the coffee shop talking over their lattes this morning. Red never stopped talking. Loud. And she new everything about everything. A big truck would go roaring by and give us all a reprieve from her voice every now and again. Girl. We drinking coffee and chilling at 745 am. Pipe down.

Sometimes I hear a single person say “like” and “literally” so much in one sentence I could claw my eyeballs out.

These moms out here playing tennis are so cute in their tennis skirts and ponytails. I want to play and wear a tennis skirt and be cute! Psshht, I would be a sweaty damn mess, hair looking stringy, skirt wedgy, with black under both eyes in about 15 minutes in this heat.

“I sure hope tomorrow will be better.” is vastly different from “I resolve to make tomorrow better.” Put that in the bank.

If you want to try something cool, go take a look at participating in sending postcards all around the world and receiving them, too. You can find info at (linked). The children and I started sending postcards years ago, but we stopped because life was happening. I recently cranked my account back up again, and I’ve got 6 going out right now. Can’t wait to start getting some, too. It’s really interesting and fun. Today, one of mine is going to the Aland Islands (Finland). Unbelievably beautiful place! Check out the link. The rest are going to Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Czechia (linked)…and Oregon. *giggle* (You can opt to send/receive domestically not just abroad, and why not, so I did.)

It’s 4:30 pm, and I’m off to prepare for my trip next week, finish laundry, and drink wine. Cheers to an early TILT and a (hopefully) quiet evening at home.

That’s all. We learn every day, don’t we?

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Practical wisdom, joys and pains, motivation and tough love, from the perspective of a Mississippi mom, traveler, business owner, goal crusher, substance seeker, and full-time dreamer

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