Things I Learned Today / Monday, February 28, 2022

Things I Learned Today… People are wrong to say, “Teenagers! They don’t think about anything but themselves!” Oh, no no no. They think about EVERYTHING…too much. I eat Greek yogurt every morning, and I love it. And since I had COVID, I could eat TONS of veggies and ranch. One of my teachers at theContinue reading “Things I Learned Today / Monday, February 28, 2022”

Be light.

I got an email this afternoon from a lady I know. She said she didn’t really need anything but asked if I could meet with her tomorrow or Tuesday “because she needs some positivity in her life”. Wow. I’m positivity? I’m so glad. Of course I’ll meet with her, because that’s my goal. My goalContinue reading “Be light.”

Survival Mode

I am often inspired by posts made by my friends, and this one… what a thought! I think many of us are in this mode right now. We’ve been in survival mode. Keeping things running the best can, constantly trying to stay on top of tasks, always playing catch up, working to get enough rest,Continue reading “Survival Mode”

Overwhelm. Mighty. Juice.

This past week was overwhelming, to say the least, but we pushed through. God IS mighty, and after I stopped feeling all sad and ridiculous, remembered that He is indeed mightier than my “overwhelm”, and turned up the Prayer/Warrior/Praise Juiceā€¦it all came together. It sure takes strength to praise Him in the hard times, butContinue reading “Overwhelm. Mighty. Juice.”


I’m guilty. I don’t always share my problems, because I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. I don’t want them to think I’ve lost it or that I’m making excuses. Guilty! I keep things to myself, because “they’ll blow over” or “I’ll just deal with it, it’s fine.” Guilteeeee! I put on make-upContinue reading “Guilty.”


Two thoughts this morning: Life happens faster than I can sometimes keep up. God is a wildfire. Evidenced by my bedroom piled with clothes on the infamous chair, the laundry piles on the floor, and the laundry overflowing from baskets in the wash room, life moves faster than I can move sometimes. I am behind.Continue reading “Wildfire”

If my friend told me…

If my friend told me she was lonely, I would offer to come see her, meet for lunch, or suggest opportunities to get out of the house and be among people. I might just listen. She might not want to be fixed. If my friend told me her child was acting out, and she didn’tContinue reading “If my friend told me…”

Playing Catch Up

Y’all, it’s been a minute. It’s hard to maintain a blog when you’ve had the Covid, the flu, and the Covid pneumonia. Yeah, I decided to do that all at the same time about two weeks ago. It’s hard when you’ve been working like mad. Right now, I’m in full show mode at the danceContinue reading “Playing Catch Up”