Walking Conundrum

I’m a walking conundrum… I am hungry, but I am also fat. Don’t eat it, Sister. I am fat, but I also like cheese dip. Order a “small” cheese dip. I want pretty hair, but dang, I don’t want to wash it today. Lazy. I like nice clothes, but I sho ain’t going shopping. Ewww.Continue reading “Walking Conundrum”

Open heart. Open mind.

You know what people do? They opinion shop. They feel-good shop. They justify shop. They comeraderie shop. Not only does misery love company, but so does contentment. People are out shopping for connectedness. They want to feel good about themselves and their choices. They want to be agreed with and supported by other folks goingContinue reading “Open heart. Open mind.”

The Trouble With “Big”

If you have big plans, big dreams, big aspirations, big goals, big visions, some people won’t understand you or get it at all. One person’s definition of “big” is vastly different than another person’s. When you think all eyes are on you, and other people are expecting those BIG things from you, it feels heavy.Continue reading “The Trouble With “Big””

Plant-Based Babe

So let me tell y’all what I did. I cut all meat. Yep, I’ve been vegetarian for a little over a month. (People, we are Southern, and by and large, Southern people like their meat. This may not seem weird to you, but it is to us. It sounds pretentious and uppity. Saying you’re “vegetarian”Continue reading “Plant-Based Babe”

Self Care 2.0

Can we change how we look at “self care” a little? I think it’s more than bubble baths and getting my nails done, enjoying a glass of wine or buying myself new tennis shoes. I want to care about what I SAY to myself. I bought 4 new bathing suits the other day on SheinContinue reading “Self Care 2.0”

What Holds Us Back – Part 3

The payoff? Yep, there are HUGE benefits to shedding those things that hold us back (Part 1). Despite the pitfalls (Part 2), when we get rid of what holds us back, our lives change for the better. We are liberated! When you aren’t burdened by the pressure of trying to please everyone, you aren’t nearlyContinue reading “What Holds Us Back – Part 3”

What Holds Us Back – Part 2

Something is holding me back? Back from what? Me? I have always considered myself a bit of a force – pretty confident, sure of myself, know what I want, focused. I would’ve never thought that ANYTHING ever held me back. That makes me laugh now. Stupid. There has been plenty holding me back. From what?Continue reading “What Holds Us Back – Part 2”

What Holds Us Back: Part 1

People afraid of pain don’t grow. Those afraid of failure won’t try. Folks too worried about making mistakes will quit. People who aren’t willing to be uncomfortable will stay in the same place. Those afraid of confrontation won’t ever speak up. Folks who hold tight to what they think they know will never learn. PeopleContinue reading “What Holds Us Back: Part 1”

Vortex of Thoughts

Have you ever seen a tornado? Maybe on TV, as it spins and grows and swirls big stuff and little stuff and debris and cows all around? Spinning and meandering, blowing and going, picking up momentum yet oddly bouncing up and down engulfing some landmarks but leaving that one trailer park untouched? Well, then youContinue reading “Vortex of Thoughts”