Things I Learned Today / Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Things I learned today… Brady was under the unfortunate impression that she does not sound Southern. Girl. Big, huge props to y’all who get up with your kids at the crack of dawn to get ready for school. And bless the little bones of all the kids getting on the bus at 6:15 am. WhenContinue reading “Things I Learned Today / Wednesday, October 20, 2021”

Stupid Stuff I Do

I’m a real piece of work sometimes… I log into Zoom calls and can’t get in, then wonder what’s wrong. The meeting is tomorrow. I make a point to buy heavy cream for my coffee at the grocery store, because I’m out at work and can’t enjoy my coffee without it. Then I leave itContinue reading “Stupid Stuff I Do”

Things I Learned Today / Monday, October 18, 2021

Things I learned today… I see pictures of myself and want to vomit sometimes. I hate insecurity, and I especially hate insecurity in myself. It’s sad and pathetic and dumb. Y’all, I work in front of mirrors that span an entire wall every day. Vomit. How is it that one can feel all sassy oneContinue reading “Things I Learned Today / Monday, October 18, 2021”

I Am Learning to Love the Sound

I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things that aren’t good for me. Is that not the best? I saw it posted this morning, and I could hear the sound…and it’s sweet. It’s not easy to (a) admit when something is not good for you and (b) walk awayContinue reading “I Am Learning to Love the Sound”

Things I Learned Today / Overdue Edition, Oct 14, 2021

Things I learned today… Going out of town – like really far – spending time with Keith, talking about our goals, sharing our thoughts, and enjoying time together is absolutely everything. And I highly recommend South Dakota. I was already aware of the difference between sympathy and empathy, but now it’s starting to really sinkContinue reading “Things I Learned Today / Overdue Edition, Oct 14, 2021”

Things I Learned Today / Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Things I learned today… You can be the shiniest, juiciest peach in the bowl, and somebody is going to dislike peaches, another is going to complain about the peaches, and a few will accuse you of being a soft, old rotten peach despite your shiny, juiciness. Others won’t even have noticed you’re a peach, thenContinue reading “Things I Learned Today / Wednesday, October 6, 2021”

Like Pouring Gas On Anxiety

Anxiety is a bitch. If you’ve experienced it, you know it can be triggered by something big…or insignificant…or come on without warning and for no reason. You just feel freaking nervous…and anxious…and like something bad is about to happen…and you can’t breathe good…and there’s some weird fear thing happening…and you shake a little…. Ridiculous. Today,Continue reading “Like Pouring Gas On Anxiety”

Things I Learned Today / Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Things I learned today… I cleaned up around my desk at work, and I felt better. I really accumulate a lot of paper. It’s fun, though, to look back and see sketches, drawings, lists, brainstorms, and diagrams from when I came up with concepts for past shows. I hoarded those. I filled up a garbageContinue reading “Things I Learned Today / Tuesday, October 5, 2021”

It’s more than just coffee!

When I come into the kitchen in the morning, my coffee is already made. Keith fixes up the pot while he makes his espresso in his machine. Although sort of a tiny thing, it feels peaceful. I feel loved. The day to come may be filled with absolute madness, but in that moment, all isContinue reading “It’s more than just coffee!”

Things I Learned Today / Monday, October 4, 2021

Things I learned today… I did not miss Facebook being down today, not one iota. Ok…so I’m super sleepy all the time and beyond thirsty. What gives? I’d look it up online, but it would probably say I had rickets, beriberi, scurvy, or something. WebMD will take you from 0 to dead in 5.3 seconds.Continue reading “Things I Learned Today / Monday, October 4, 2021”