Things I’ve Learned / Thursday, December 23, 2021

Things I’ve learned… The “skip to recipe” option button is the best thing a food blogger could possibly have done for us, even second to providing the recipe itself. Although I’m sure I would further enjoy perusing the pictures of your family wearing matching pajamas on Christmas morning, serenely snuggled on the white velvet sofaContinue reading “Things I’ve Learned / Thursday, December 23, 2021”

Ugly Sweaters

What’s up with the ugly sweaters now? Doesn’t the whole thing lose its shtick when they deliberately make ugly sweaters? Back in the day, we legit dug way back in our closets for that monstrosity that was a gift from our well-meaning aunts when we were 17. It smelled like mothballs. Tragic amazingness! Or maybeContinue reading “Ugly Sweaters”