Things I’ve Learned / Thursday, December 23, 2021

Things I’ve learned…

Here’s a breakfast casserole recipe I’m trying posted by a perfectly lovely mom who is not pretentious at all. Found it on Pinterest!

The “skip to recipe” option button is the best thing a food blogger could possibly have done for us, even second to providing the recipe itself. Although I’m sure I would further enjoy perusing the pictures of your family wearing matching pajamas on Christmas morning, serenely snuggled on the white velvet sofa in front of the fire (all while overlooking that stunning view of the Poconos through the floor-to-ceiling modern farmhouse windows)…not to mention reading about the minutiae of how you carefully shopped in the cutest boutique stores ever to find those darling votive holders for your table….whew…I just want the damn breakfast casserole recipe. I’m sitting in Mississippi, haven’t brushed my teeth yet, and I’m making a grocery list for Kroger later. I got shit to do. THANK YOU, Epicurious Bombshell Mom, for the “skip to recipe” button. You’re a doll.

I’m boiling oranges (with peel), cloves, cinnamon, and all spice this morning, and it smells heavenly. Keith mentioned the house not smelling like Christmas, so it does now, Buddy. It’s so nice.

I need to do laundry, but I don’t want to. I still need to, though. I find it unfortunate that the magic of Christmas doesn’t somehow include having the laundry do itself while you’re not looking. Now THIS is something Santa could slip down the chimney and handle while visions of sugarplums dance through my head.

Thanks, Hudson!

My dog likes to get on the couch and roll around in all my decorative pillows, knocking them all askew and in the floor. This is why I can’t have nice things. I like my Christmas-y pillows. I like to look over there at my pretty couch and feel like Epicurious Bombshell Mom must feel, all accomplished and pristine. But alas, Hudson keeps my perfect home decor dreams in check.

I’ll bet you a nickel the grocery store has NO crescent rolls.

Keith and Brady have (cryptically) left the house on some gift mission this morning, which pets my peeves, because I thought we had already worked out the couple of things he and I got for each other. So this means he has gotten something else for me that I don’t know about (Yeeee!), but that I don’t have some extra hidden surprise thing for him. Aaarrggh. He got me.

Bottomless mimosas have started. It’s been a lovely morning so far, and I’m looking forward to a beautiful, peaceful day with minimal running around. (I am never completely free from running around. *sigh*) I really have brushed my teeth and gotten ready for the day, and I’m excited. I am completely addicted to my kids’ faces lit with joy, and I can’t wait to overdose on that starting probably tonight.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve Eve day, Y’all.

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