I’m not responsible! OMG!

Hi, I’m Amanda, and I’m not responsible for making other people happy.

Oh my gosh, I said it!

If you’re a people pleaser, you get it. If you’re busy about entertaining folks, cleaning up so everything is nice, and making 3 different dinners to keep the fam happy, you get it.

If you’re reading this and screaming “DUH!!”, just know that there are some of us who are only now figuring out that we aren’t responsible for things we aren’t responsible for (get that?), including making other people happy. We’re having to face the fact that it’s really just our job to be ourselves, stay in our lane, and work on being fabulous for no reason.

For no reason.

And we’re not real sure what to do with that information yet…but we’re learning!

Published by Amanda Herring, Writer

Practical wisdom, joys and pains, motivation and tough love, from the perspective of a Mississippi mom, traveler, business owner, goal crusher, substance seeker, and full-time dreamer

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