Bee Hive Update

You may or may not know that my husband and daughter have been raising and cultivating bees in our backyard. It was my husband’s dream to have bees, and it has been the best experience. We have all learned so much. Here’s the most recent update…


Bad news and good news for the hives…

The bad news…the hive that was thriving the most did not make it. Either mites or overcrowding, not sure which, caused the bees to abandon the hive. It is ruined and will have to be cleaned out and started again. Very disappointing, but a learning experience.

The good news…the hive that appeared to be the “lesser” of the two produced a good amount of HONEY! Keith and Brady were able to harvest some today. They left the rest of the frames laden with honey and brood in the hive so the bees could continue their work, growing and reproducing.

Did you know it takes one bee working its whole life to produce a teaspoon of honey? Amazing!

The honey is unreal, a true miracle. It is delicious, and we are grateful. It’s been a challenging and rewarding experience, and Keith and Brady are eager to keep it going.

We love bees! 🐝

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