You Asked How I’m Doing

Hi, I am Amanda, and I get emotional when someone sends me a message to ask how I’m doing. Crazy, right?!

I am so focused on accomplishing big things, supporting people, and pushing kids into the spotlight. I am busy trying to make people’s lives easier, coming up with processes and procedures to lubricate a smoothly run system. I am working to build up children, spark confidence, provide reassurance, and extend grace. I am deeply invested in my own children, their mental health, guiding them, balancing my role with work. I am all about developing my staff, supporting them, and ensuring they have what they need to be successful.

I tend to think about other people all the time. That’s definitely what moms do, right? And it’s what wives do. It’s what teachers do. It’s what business owners do. This meme says it all. I think about being light…most all the time. I don’t find it burdensome (much), it brings me great reward, an I enjoy doing good things for people.

Let me receive an out-of-the-blue message asking how I’m doing, though, and I tear up some. I just find it so kind…and weird…and unexpected…and sometimes hard to receive. For someone to take the time to reach out to me, genuinely check on my well-being, and be truly interested enough in me as a person to ask…well, that’s just gold, isn’t it?

Do y’all do that? Are you just bowled over anytime someone is kind to you? Does it seem odd? Just me? What’s up with that? Here are a few thoughts…

I think we need to be better at remembering that we are WORTHY! To be busy tending to the needs of others almost constantly is great, but to stop an remember that you are a valuable contributor to the world is even better. We shouldn’t be so surprised and emotional when someone reaches out to us, because the circle we’ve CREATED for ourselves (right?!) SHOULD be full of folks who recognize our worth and care about us. We are worthy!

You know what else is cool? We ARE NOT the only light in the world. There are plenty of others out there making every effort to love big, give back, and be the change. Light attracts light, and realizing we have beautiful people around us not only brings a sense of peace but can help solidify the idea that we must be doing something right.

And finally, Y’all, allowing ourselves to receive the snuggly goodness of others is good for our souls. Admittedly, I keep my guard up BIG. Outwardly, I’m giving, giving, giving the best I got, but inwardly, I stay pretty locked up. As far as the world is concerned, everything is great, running smoothly, and handled. In actuality, though, my life is complicated, I am decision fatigued, I have fear and insecurity. When we let ourselves absorb that kindness, answer that “how are you” text candidly, and show our vulnerability, we admit our humanity. We can bond, embrace kinships, empathize, and relate. Our souls need this!

I am thankful to the sweet friend who reached out to me today totally unexpectedly. That simple, “Y’all doing okay this week?”, Instagram message meant more than she knows.

It helped me remember that I am worthy, that people really are good, and that it’s okay for me to be a human being (not just a work machine busy making other people’s lives better somehow). That’s a lot of pressure I put on myself as a Recovering People Pleaser. I needed this mental exercise to help me put things back into perspective.

So how am I doing this week? I’m stressed and anxious, busy and overwhelmed, behind and struggling. My laundry isn’t done, and I didn’t make the bed yet or take my medicine. I have a thousand things to do, and someone will probably yell at me about something today. I’ve got kid obligations, a task list that stretches from hell to breakfast, and overdue assignments. But I’m also hopeful and excited, on fire to do good, and full of creativity.

Thank you for asking.

Published by Amanda Herring, Writer

Practical wisdom, joys and pains, motivation and tough love, from the perspective of a Mississippi mom, traveler, business owner, goal crusher, substance seeker, and full-time dreamer

One thought on “You Asked How I’m Doing

  1. Great to see that you’re ready to keep moving, despite having so much on your plate. And I guess I’ll join in too and ask you, ‘You doing all right?’
    Thanks for always being honest with your thoughts, and for sharing! It’s nice to read these real human stories here on WordPress.

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