Things I Learned Today / Friday / December 10, 2021

Things I learned today…

I’ve been trying to hold it back, but I cried juuuust a little in the kitchen a while ago. My tired is catching up with me. Thankfully, Keith is a good sport.

Speaking of Keith… he takes SUCH good care of me. I think that’s another reason why I’m weepy. My heart is so full.

I’m almost done Christmas shopping! Yee!

If you want the dog to stop terrorizing the cat, start eating something.

I get to see joy on little faces tomorrow, and I’m excited about that.

I asked Keith how he could possibly eat ice cream so loudly, and he said I had ears of a bat.

It’s time for some holiday random acts of kindness. Anybody want to do it with me? I’ll post about it soon.

That’s all. We learn every day, don’t we?

Published by Amanda Herring, Writer

Practical wisdom, joys and pains, motivation and tough love, from the perspective of a Mississippi mom, traveler, business owner, goal crusher, substance seeker, and full-time dreamer

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