Rethink Your Resolutions

To “resolve” to do something is to decide firmly to make it happen.

To be “resolute” is to be determined and focused.

A “resolution” is the statement we make declaring what we’re about to do, often a change we want to make.

Is making New Year’s Resolutions a good idea? Change is good, right? Maybe. I mean, it could be a good start.

But what’s a “resolution” again? It’s a statement. It’s words, Y’all. Words.

Goals, on the other hand, are measurable, attainable, and have a deadline. They are outcome-focused and carry more weight than resolutions.

While words are only as good as when spoken, then seem to disapate into the air, goals take root and can begin to sprout as soon as you begin to cultivate them.

How about we rethink our 2023 resolutions, and set goals instead? We need a little less talk, and a lot more action, because I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of talking. (Thank you for that gem, Elvis.) And even more, I’m tired of hearing a bunch of mess, a whole lot of coulda, shoulda, and woulda. I want to see some real stuff going down for the better in my life.

What if we just implemented in our lives the principles we already know to be true and crush some goals? What if we stop chasing peace, stop seeking that one magic-bullet thing that is going to make us happy, stop looking for answers?

We already have the answers! So I’m all about shutting up and going for it and just freaking doing what I’ve already learned. Duh, right?!

If 2020-2022 was the era for trials and lessons, then 2023 must be the beginning of the era for applying them. Yes!

So I started already with something easy, since it’s both worthwhile and will probably yield a confidence boost (which I know I’ll need to keep moving forward).

My goal…live more simply. Efforts towards that goal so far…Christmas stuff packed efficiently and expertly labeled for ease of assembly next season. Pantry completely cleaned out with new storage bins, airtight containers added to eliminate clutter, spills, and waste. Cleaned out my “entertaining” cabinet and reorganized all my party supplies, themed items, tableware, and serving pieces.

Nothing says “Baby, you’re crushing that ‘live simply’ goal” like a 3 bags of trash and a box of stuff headed to Goodwill. I’m feeling lighter already and totally motivated to keep going. I got my sights on two more cabinets and two closets.

Be inspired, Y’all. Cut the crap and stop talking about what you want to change. Set goals, and go kill ’em. Put those hard-earned life lessons from the last few years into practice. You know what to do.

Published by Amanda Herring, Writer

Practical wisdom, joys and pains, motivation and tough love, from the perspective of a Mississippi mom, traveler, business owner, goal crusher, substance seeker, and full-time dreamer

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