Something To Look Forward To

You know what we often need when we’re going through a season? Something to look forward to!

Y’all. We love to travel, and a year ago, Keith and I decided to go to Maine. We had never been. It was nothing short of amazing, and we both fell in love.

It was odd for us to love a place so much, because, naturally, we love something about all the places we get to go. But Maine… Maine just seemed extra special.

It’s coastal, but not just beachy. The wind sweeps across the water and delivers that salty, ocean goodness. Yet the landscape is wooded, and you get that peaceful forest vibe and those earthy smells, too.

The mix of people is eclectic and everyone we talked to was welcoming.

We ate lobster and seafood and any other local food we could get into our mouths, and Y’all…it’s all so good.

From the nautical to the quaint, from the rustic to the refined, Maine just had it all for us. There are just certain places you go that give you a “home” feel that others don’t, and this was one.

So tomorrow, we will be wheels-up at 6:30 am. Several months ago, we booked a return trip – this time with the children – and it’s finally here.

We are ready to leave behind the stress (oh my word, the stress!), the illness (we are getting better!), and most of all, the feeling of overwhelm (it has been heavy.).

Stress is nothing nice. We all know that. Constantly not feeling good is awful, too, and can just magnify the stress. And overwhelm? I think we’ve been overwhelmed by so much change in our life, uncertainty about what to do and what’s to come, and frankly, a little fear when it comes to making decisions, attempting to make plans, and figuring out what actions to take.

I pray that starting tonight when our heads hit our pillows that our peace can begin. What began as our being excited to share Maine with our kids has evolved into our looking forward to shedding this stress, unloading this feeling bad, and casting off this overwhelm in one of our favorite places together as a family.

Thank you, Lord, for something to look forward to. I had no idea I would need it so badly come September 2nd, but You did. I’ll continue to move my feet, and ask that you just push me in the right direction. You are hope…and so is Maine. We are grateful for it, and we are counting the minutes.

Published by Amanda Herring, Writer

Practical wisdom, joys and pains, motivation and tough love, from the perspective of a Mississippi mom, traveler, business owner, goal crusher, substance seeker, and full-time dreamer

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