God told me…

God told me to stop worrying about what other people think. This past week, He showed me a bunch of His work in action…in real time…and it was amazing. That encouraged me to lean on Him and forget about the opinions of others.

God told me to stop wondering if I messed up my kids. This past week, He showed me that He is speaking to them directly, working on their hearts, and giving them opportunities to get to know Him. That helped me understand that I raised them right, I did my best, and they are capable of building a relationship with Him on their own.

God told me to stop asking “how did we get here” so much. This past week, He showed me the alternative, how bad life really is for some people, and how He is still in control even when I think the world has gone mad. That taught me to stay the course, remember that He is capable of turning bad to good, and that I should pray for direction instead of analyzing why things are the way they are.

God told me to stop trying to find the answers to everything myself. This past week, He showed me that prayer REALLY, REALLY works, that my faith is enough, and that He will make impossible things possible. This reminded me that I am not so great and powerful as to have all the answers, but He sure is…and so is my faith, which can be totally trusted.

God told me not to hold back and to share more about what my family is going through. This past week, He showed me that, with Him, we survived the potential fallout of my baby girl’s mental health challenges just like we survived Keith’s cancer in 2015. This is helping me grow, be braver, and help others. (I’ll keep asking Him for the strength to share, as this is a work in progress, and He’s still workin’ on me. I’m not quite ready.)

I’m listening. I WANT God to tell me all the things. I’m watching. I LOVE to see Him work right before my eyes. I’m trying. I NEED to serve Him and use our experience to make a difference in someone else’s life. I’m working on it.

Gold told me a long time ago that, because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken (Psalm 16:8). And this past week, He was.

Published by Amanda Herring, Writer

Practical wisdom, joys and pains, motivation and tough love, from the perspective of a Mississippi mom, traveler, business owner, goal crusher, substance seeker, and full-time dreamer

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