Two thoughts this morning: Life happens faster than I can sometimes keep up. God is a wildfire.

Evidenced by my bedroom piled with clothes on the infamous chair, the laundry piles on the floor, and the laundry overflowing from baskets in the wash room, life moves faster than I can move sometimes. I am behind.

My work calls. I have schedules to come up with, emails to answer, choreo to complete, activities to design and implement, and oh my goodness, so much more. Life is going by fast. It feels like I’m sitting on an express train, and the world is whooshing by in a blur out the window. I am so behind.

Food has gone bad in the fridge. Before I got COVID, I had the kitchen well stocked and meals planned every night. Keith got busy taking care of me, who could cook, and why would they? I am behind.

The truth is, I handle everything. Keith handles everything else. We are a great team, but WE are busy handling everything. I think that’s what we all just…do. But what if we just stayed on task, but let God work?

God is a wildfire.

The praise music is playing loud in my room, and I am reminded. I can’t put God into MY image. I am created in His. I can’t do this all myself. He should not be contained. I am not the saver of everyone and the solution finder for everything. He is faithful to me, if only I am faithful to Him. And boy, am I faithful to Him.

So I’ll let Him burn. Out of control. I will ASK Him to burn through the house, into my studio, in our freaking car, in my office, in our ears, and in our hearts. And while He burns, I will rest in faith knowing He will consume whatever plagues me with that great fire and ignite all the good things we need with the same flame.

I don’t talk about God very much, perhaps not nearly enough. But today, I had those two thoughts and needed to share. I’m not sure I can slow down much, and life will probably keep moving at warp speed, but I can let God burn. I can let Him takeover. I can ride the wave of faith, stay warm by the fire, and ask that it burn up all the heartache, all the grief, all the worry on my behalf.

Life moves fast. His wildfire is faster.

Published by Amanda Herring, Writer

Practical wisdom, joys and pains, motivation and tough love, from the perspective of a Mississippi mom, traveler, business owner, goal crusher, substance seeker, and full-time dreamer

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