Things I Learned Today / Sunday, July 18, 2021

Things I learned today…

We will go to great lengths to avoid trying to cross back over the bridge at Memphis. We were in Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, then Mississippi today. I love the Mississippi River, and we got to cross it at Cairo and Caruthersville.

South Central Illinois is not particularly scenic. Just cornfields.

I like the weight of cover. Nice weighty blankets. The hotel bedding was high quality, but they had those paper thin sheets and “coverlet”.

I DO NOT, zero, nada, none, at all, like going in a public bathroom at a restaurant, store, or whatever.

Can’t stop thinking about how fun the ball game was. You know, all we have to do is leave the house and start driving to have more adventures. I think I’ll be ready to go again soon.

A friend of mine posted a meme today saying something to the effect of “your hobby, the art you enjoy, doesn’t have to be monetized”. This is SO TRUE! You can sing without planning a move to Nashville. You can take dance without rushing off to college to study dance. You can enjoy theater without aspiring to go to Broadway. You can play in band without accolades. Just be. Live in the moment. Ride the wave. Don’t overthink it. Don’t make it (or yourself) bigger than it is. And let’s encourage our kids to do this, too.

It’s 7:50 pm, and I’m in bed. Glory!

Y’all, in St.. Louis, everyone was dressed in Cardinals gear. Every time the Cardinals scored a run or did something great, the people around us gave each other high fives. Just strangers celebrating. Everyone knew the claps and the chants as soon as the organ started and instinctively joined in. Everyone was smiling and excited. A spirited section of the stadium started the wave, and it was so cool. THAT’S the part of professional sports that people love – the community, the fun, the spirit, the love of the team and the game. The team pride and the common joy everyone shares. Politics and social justice mixed with sports just divides. The game is already great!

That’s all. We learn every day, don’t we?

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Practical wisdom, joys and pains, motivation and tough love, from the perspective of a Mississippi mom, traveler, business owner, goal crusher, substance seeker, and full-time dreamer

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