Self Care 2.0

Can we change how we look at “self care” a little? I think it’s more than bubble baths and getting my nails done, enjoying a glass of wine or buying myself new tennis shoes. I want to care about what I SAY to myself. I bought 4 new bathing suits the other day on SheinContinue reading “Self Care 2.0”

What Holds Us Back – Part 3

The payoff? Yep, there are HUGE benefits to shedding those things that hold us back (Part 1). Despite the pitfalls (Part 2), when we get rid of what holds us back, our lives change for the better. We are liberated! When you aren’t burdened by the pressure of trying to please everyone, you aren’t nearlyContinue reading “What Holds Us Back – Part 3”

What Holds Us Back – Part 2

Something is holding me back? Back from what? Me? I have always considered myself a bit of a force – pretty confident, sure of myself, know what I want, focused. I would’ve never thought that ANYTHING ever held me back. That makes me laugh now. Stupid. There has been plenty holding me back. From what?Continue reading “What Holds Us Back – Part 2”

What Holds Us Back: Part 1

People afraid of pain don’t grow. Those afraid of failure won’t try. Folks too worried about making mistakes will quit. People who aren’t willing to be uncomfortable will stay in the same place. Those afraid of confrontation won’t ever speak up. Folks who hold tight to what they think they know will never learn. PeopleContinue reading “What Holds Us Back: Part 1”

Vortex of Thoughts

Have you ever seen a tornado? Maybe on TV, as it spins and grows and swirls big stuff and little stuff and debris and cows all around? Spinning and meandering, blowing and going, picking up momentum yet oddly bouncing up and down engulfing some landmarks but leaving that one trailer park untouched? Well, then youContinue reading “Vortex of Thoughts”

You Asked How I’m Doing

Hi, I am Amanda, and I get emotional when someone sends me a message to ask how I’m doing. Crazy, right?! I am so focused on accomplishing big things, supporting people, and pushing kids into the spotlight. I am busy trying to make people’s lives easier, coming up with processes and procedures to lubricate aContinue reading “You Asked How I’m Doing”

Recovering People Pleaser, Part 4

Let me tell you what happens when a People Pleaser gets ruffled. We freak out inside. Yep, immediately there are 57 windows open in our brain at the same time, each one dedicated to finding the source of what we did wrong, how we can fix it, and when bending over backwards to change willContinue reading “Recovering People Pleaser, Part 4”

Recovering People Pleaser, Part 3

I run a dance studio, right? It’s our tenth year, and I’m over the moon about the success of the place. When I opened, I thought I would teach dance…nope. It turned out to be so much more than that – love and family, challenges and triumphs, growth and determination, connections and friendships. The studioContinue reading “Recovering People Pleaser, Part 3”

Recovering People Pleaser, Part 2

Tales of the Recovering People Pleaser continue as I work to shed the idea that my worth is conditional. If you missed my last post, go see it, and ride the wave with me toward peace…at least let’s hope. People Pleasing is awful. Do not recommend. So yep, I got a tattoo. You know, BoomersContinue reading “Recovering People Pleaser, Part 2”

Recovering People Pleaser, Part 1

People Pleasers notice things. They quickly recognize when someone approves of them…or disapproves. Then we…I mean, they…ok, it’s ME, I’m the People Pleaser…immediately make the connection between what we did or said with why the other person liked or didn’t like us. Immediately. People Pleasers think being liked, loved, accepted, praised, or even disliked, hated,Continue reading “Recovering People Pleaser, Part 1”