New Year…and my name is Wes.

“My name is Wes. I ain’t in this mess.” Keith and I heard somebody say this a few years ago (I think on TV), and it stuck. We’ve used it occasionally since then, mostly in jest, but lately, it’s become sort of a mantra. And I’m here for it. If 2021 was “my year” forContinue reading “New Year…and my name is Wes.”

THESE are the blessings you count…

I have been super sick for the last 2 days – high fever, chills, joint pain, misery. Finally, this afternoon, I managed to take a shower, wash my disgusting hair, brush my bloody awful teeth, and put on clean underwear. I’m not 100% yet, but I’d say I’m better than halfway there, and that seemsContinue reading “THESE are the blessings you count…”

‘Tis the season!

Y’all. Christmas IS NOT the time to be hormonal! I’m all warm and fuzzy and full of joy and I cry at anything remotely sweet. A little boy just brought a card to our door while his grandmother looked on from the street. It’s from a neighbor down the street we’ve never met. She wasContinue reading “‘Tis the season!”

Christmas Eve Wishes

Happy Christmas Eve! Just wanted to send you good wishes from my warm, cozy, good-smellin’ house today. I’ve cooked sausage balls for the fam, made some creole rice for taking to the Christmas shindig tonight with Hubs’ side of the family, and whipped up chocolate dipped strawberries to take, too. All my presents are wrapped,Continue reading “Christmas Eve Wishes”

Things I’ve Learned / Thursday, December 23, 2021

Things I’ve learned… The “skip to recipe” option button is the best thing a food blogger could possibly have done for us, even second to providing the recipe itself. Although I’m sure I would further enjoy perusing the pictures of your family wearing matching pajamas on Christmas morning, serenely snuggled on the white velvet sofaContinue reading “Things I’ve Learned / Thursday, December 23, 2021”

Courier Appreciation Means A Lot

I’m really not so good at thanking those people who are “in my life” making a big impact but who aren’t really “in my life”. No kidding, those FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Amazon drivers bless my soul in more ways than they realize! I should know their names better than I do. I should thankContinue reading “Courier Appreciation Means A Lot”

Things I’ve Learned / Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Yesterday did not turn out how I thought it would when I woke up in the morning and planned my day…but in a GREAT way! After I picked up Brady from horse, Keith had a couple of surprise places for us to go. He took off work, met us, and off we went. First stopContinue reading “Things I’ve Learned / Wednesday, December 22, 2021”

Ugly Sweaters

What’s up with the ugly sweaters now? Doesn’t the whole thing lose its shtick when they deliberately make ugly sweaters? Back in the day, we legit dug way back in our closets for that monstrosity that was a gift from our well-meaning aunts when we were 17. It smelled like mothballs. Tragic amazingness! Or maybeContinue reading “Ugly Sweaters”

Sorry I’m Late…

“Sorry I’m late. I didn’t want to come.” Have y’all seen that? It’s how I’ve been feeling about TILTs and posting until I can get this week behind me. Whew! I bought myself this book to start next week, but I couldn’t wait. I’m about 15 pages in, and there are so many gems, IContinue reading “Sorry I’m Late…”

Stupid Stuff I Do

I’m a real piece of work sometimes… I log into Zoom calls and can’t get in, then wonder what’s wrong. The meeting is tomorrow. I make a point to buy heavy cream for my coffee at the grocery store, because I’m out at work and can’t enjoy my coffee without it. Then I leave itContinue reading “Stupid Stuff I Do”