Tough Love Is Coming

A motivational quote across a picture of ocean waves is nice, but sometimes we need a kick in the butt. Are you opposed to a little tough love? Are you offended? Are they “in your business” more than your comfort level allows?

“He’s done quit preachin’ and gone to meddlin’.”

That’s a Southern-ism for when the pastor stops speaking in generalities and starts talking about stuff that hits close to home. You giggle, but that’s when folks start squirming in their seats and in today’s terms, “feel seen”.

If you need a shoulder to cry on, that’s fine. We can all use a pat on the head occasionally. Loves and hugs. Quotes and unicorns. But tough love does this…

~ It brings you back to reality and gets you out of your head.

~ It cuts through the bullshit and gets to the root of the problem.

~ It challenges you to think, stop with all the feelings, and behave differently.

See, I’m a goal digger. I’m all about dreaming big, working for what you want, and kicking ass. That doesn’t come about from being a softy, whining, and expecting other people to coddle you.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a Pinterest board full of motivational quotes, inspiring words, and pretty memes just like the next girl. That board is for when I’m touchy-feely and my misery would love some company. I seek the tough love board (which I keep totally private, because God forbid anybody see the not-so-nice stuff I HAVE to tell myself) when I need a good, strong jolt.

So here’s to some occasional tough love from WSS. You’ll be seeing some in your newsfeed, and I hope it gives you a new perspective and moves your forward.

Things I Learned Today / Sunday, June 27, 2021

Things I learned today…

How you do one thing is how you do everything. Usually half-assed? Cuts corners? Procrastinator? Or usually considers everything? Stays focused? Takes pride in your work? Think about that.

Someone has to clean the kitchen up everyday.

My blog now has a website. Hopefully, I can get the web address mapped to the site tomorrow. I’ve started that, but I’ve got a few technical issues to solve. I’m learning.

How did we go from Queen Latifah and Missy Elliot to Saweetie and Cardi B?

I think you should get up in the morning determined to make your husband or wife super happy that they’re married to you.

Herculaneum was a village also destroyed by Vesuvius in AD 79. In the later excavation, a loaf of bread was found perfectly preserved in an oven. Interestingly, the bread was marked with “property of Celer, slave of Q. Granius Verus, Herculaneum” using a stamp of some kind that was required to prove the source of the bread after baking.

The amount of work I have to do this week to tie up and confirm registrations of returning dancers is colossal. It’s got to be done by Thursday, and we’ve got to move on to the next phase.

My bedside table lamp stopped working, so it’s been dark on my side for a week. Keith took it apart and replaced a few of its parts today, and it works perfectly again.

I get threadbare with people who whine. And I hate myself when I whine. I really try not to.

It’s never easy to tell Brady that a pet she knows has died. She was sad to hear about Dwight, the cat at the barn. She cried.

It’s 8:37 pm, and I want to go to bed.

Big fish in small ponds drive me bonkers. And those who put them on a pedestal and encourage them drive me bonkers more.

Humility is everything. And teaching humility is everything.

I got a key lime pie yesterday, and I haven’t cut it yet.

He might be a goofball, but Keith is one tough-minded, strong guy.

That’s all. We learn everyday, don’t we?

Things I Learned Today / Saturday, June 26, 2021

Things I learned today…

Instagram: Since you follow Brittney Spears, you might like Miley Cyrus. Me: First of all…

I don’t care if you’re straight or gay, black or white, Liberal or Conservative, whatever…just please don’t say “supposably”.

There is a difference between being informed and being persuaded. Read that again.

I found wedding cake ice cream!

They should give you twice as much icing in a can of cinnamon rolls than they actually do.

A 90’s Alternative song was playing in the grocery store this afternoon. That’s where I am now in life. *jurassic face palm*

I get 2 or 3 sexts a day on my phone… and I don’t mean from Keith…I mean… besides Keith’s. How do these annoying ass people manage to send that mess?!

Frying chicken for dinner.

I think it’s time I plan a really big party.

Got my new computer going and a new app for organizing my thoughts for a book. I’m screaming!

Tomorrow, my parents will have been married 40 years!

That’s all. We learn everyday, don’t we? 💜

Gershwin & Peace

He spruced up the kitchen, so it would be ready for me and made my coffee. Now George Gershwin plays. Sausage is sizzling, and it smells so good. Homemade biscuits are in the works. It’s peaceful and glorious.

“Somewhere In Time” (Performed on the Piano by Jim Bajor) is one my favorite albums ever in the world. It’s a collection of Gerswhin, Porter, Ellington, and more. I listened to it on a CD well over 20 years ago, and now it’s at the top of my iTunes list. I know every melody note for note and every piano run. I cook, and it plays. I hum along. It’s pretty perfect.

These moments of peace and contentment are not lost on a hot mess like me, who rarely has a dull moment. Watch for the moments, and you’ll spot them. Even better…create them. Get out your Gershwin album. Sizzle something. Toss some flour around.

Anyway, the dog just went yipping through the house loud enough to wake a corpse, chasing one of the cats at warp speed through the kitchen and up the stairs with the force of a cyclone. We yelled. The music faded into the background. Something crashed.


Now. Back to peace…

Things I Learned Today / Friday, June 25, 2021

Things I learned today…(afternoon edition)

I truly believe that when you get excited about a new goal, take the slightest step forward toward it, and make the first bit of effort, the “dark” part of the universe will get a whiff of it all. It will circle and begin to poke you with little jabs. It will send you kinks and nay-sayers, inconveniences and doubts. It’s how you handle those things that determines your success. And I think how you handle those things is purely your CHOICE.

Today is one of those days when I have to do chores because I am supposed to be a responsible adult, definitely NOT because I want to.

We are having, smoked sausage, peas and cornbread for dinner. And I’m excited about staying at home. Hell, I always want to stay at home. (except when I want to travel)

I think one of the draws to travel for me is the anonymity. You go to a faraway place, and nobody knows you. You can just be you, get lost in the crowd, and not really answer to anyone. (That’s is, until someone hears us talking and is intrigued by our Southern accent, then here we go.) We do love talking to people when we travel, though.

People in this house have no regard for keeping socks in a pair. They might as well be disposable…the socks, not the people.

Dusting in this house should be an Olympic sport.

Buy yourself some new underwear. Seriously. It’ll change your life. And Ladies, make it all match. You’ll truly feel like you have your life together. You won’t, of course, but you’ll feel all put together. And buy that man some. You’ve seen his; they’re atrocious. Get him those good Duluth ones. He acts like he doesn’t even care, and God bless his bones, he probably doesn’t… but he’ll LOVE some new ones. Throw all the old ones in the trash. Do it.

Oh, I got me a new computer for writing.

I think I’ll make a pot of coffee.

That’s all. We learn everyday, don’t we?