Things I Learned Today / Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Things I Learned Today Keith had me a glass of wine poured when I got home tonight. My laundry is piled to Jesus. I think I’m ready to change our my Winter pillow covers and whatnot to my Spring ones. Yeah, judge if you wish, but I change my house up a little for theContinue reading “Things I Learned Today / Wednesday, March 2, 2022”

Kids, Insults, Harm

Think of the worst insult you could fling at someone. Go ahead. The worst possible thing you could say to another person. What would it be? F*** yourself. Go to hell. How bad could you get? You’d want to cut deep, right? Really give it to ’em. Make it sting. Kids have figured out howContinue reading “Kids, Insults, Harm”

God told me…

God told me to stop worrying about what other people think. This past week, He showed me a bunch of His work in action…in real time…and it was amazing. That encouraged me to lean on Him and forget about the opinions of others. God told me to stop wondering if I messed up my kids.Continue reading “God told me…”