Things I Learned Today / Monday, March 7, 2021

Things I Learned Today I had high hopes for today, and it worked out pretty well. Not too bad. I told my senior kids tonight about playing records “in the old days”. They were fascinated. I got to show them a 45 on the Motown label. Oh, and we had a lengthy conversation about SoulContinue reading “Things I Learned Today / Monday, March 7, 2021”

Things I Learned Today / Sunday, March 6th, 2022

Things I Learned Today I had several hours of uninterrupted work time again today. Proud of what I accomplished. Why is it that when you wish the phone would shut up, you hear from everybody and their sister, but when you NEED someone to call you back with some info….crickets? My son (about to turnContinue reading “Things I Learned Today / Sunday, March 6th, 2022”

Things I Learned Today / Saturday, March 5, 2022

Things I Learned Today Every day that we have a peaceful, happy day is a celebration and a bit of a relief. Day by day. I launched my “bargains and buys” Facebook group today called The Clever Clover. I’m excited. Join it! Add your friends! Could someone please text me tomorrow and ask if I’mContinue reading “Things I Learned Today / Saturday, March 5, 2022”


So I did a thing… I’m now an Amazon affiliate! In an effort to NOT flood my blog Facebook page (Window Seat Sensibility) with sales stuff, I have a new group for sharing Amazon bargains and buys. Go join “The Clever Clover” and watch for goodies at discounted prices…that you didn’t even know youContinue reading “JOIN MY GROUP”

Get these headphones!

I can’t live without music! My dance studio’s performances are Motown themed this season, and I’m busy with choreography, staging, and music mixing today. I’m grabbing these wireless Bluetooth headphones I found on Amazon, so I can work in public…quietly…like at a coffee shop… in peace. The 75% discount should be added at checkout, afterContinue reading “Get these headphones!”

Things I Learned Today / Friday, March 4, 2022

Things I Learned Today Y’all. I got about 6 hours of uninterrupted work time today. Fingers crossed for more tomorrow! It was a BEAUTIFUL day, too! Serious horse shopping is hard. Anyway, can we borrow some money? Leftover fried chicken (originally cooked by Keith last night) was amazing today. So good! Oh, and I enjoyedContinue reading “Things I Learned Today / Friday, March 4, 2022”

Can’t Blame Myself

I’m the poster child for thinking of ways to blame myself when something “goes wrong” with my kids…if they acted irresponsibly, after they said something disrespectful, or best yet, when they got a mental health diagnosis. After the discovery of clinical OCD, general anxiety disorder, a math disorder, and ADHD in my daughter, I didContinue reading “Can’t Blame Myself”

Things I Learned Today / Thursday, March 3, 2022

Things I Learned Today I am about out of passwords. It really seems as though I have exhausted every, single word in my vast vocabulary, including having added @, _, and other stupid characters to keep them interesting. Do you drive your car, or do you live in your car? We kind of live inContinue reading “Things I Learned Today / Thursday, March 3, 2022”