Things I Learned Today / Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Things I learned today…

The first order placed on Amazon was for books and was from a buyer in Bulgaria in 1995. I didn’t know Amazon (and frankly, the internet) went back that far or even reached Bulgaria. The order was not paid for with a credit card either, it was a cash order. The buyer slipped two, crisp $100 bills inside the metal slide piece of a 3.5″ floppy disk and wrote on the outside, “The money is inside the disk. Customs officials will steal the money, but they won’t read English.” And that was that. They got their books.

Today I learned that when you read song lyrics (particularly rap lyrics) in plain English as if you’re reading a poem, very matter-of-factly, it’s funny as hell. Try it. Brady and I had a ball with this. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to teach her what Iambic Pentameter is, because, surprisingly, a lot of rap lyrics are written that way.

I also learned today that small businesses are being much more bold (in a good way) and taking a lot less crap. I’m really loving how businesses are helping folks on out the door who want to act a fool or treat employees badly. We’ve all been through too much and are still battling on the daily to put up with nonsense from any customer. Be nice, or be gone. And if it means our businesses fail because we wouldn’t put up with demands and threats, I guess you’ll catch us at the house scheming up our next big venture.

Not gonna lie, it stings a little when people order leos and tights off the internet when we have them at the same or similar prices here in the studio. I know everybody is now used to buying things online. I myself am an Amazon fiend. But here they are…and it’s how my business stays afloat. They will walk out my door and go home to buy online. *waaaahhh!*

When I was cleaning up from our party last weekend, I spilled wine all over my real shirt I had put back on after looking trailer trashy for the party. It came out in the wash! Glory! And I like this shirt, because it feels like I’m wearing pajamas, which is fine by me. It probably looks like I’m wearing pajamas, too, which is also fine by me. I clearly don’t care, because…I mean…it feels like I’m wearing pajamas.

Y’all, we drink red wine, and we really like the 19 Crimes series. They are all good. Last night, we opened a bottle of “The Warden”, and oh mercy. It’ll take you where you want to go.

Back aches from out of the blue – that you didn’t earn by heavy lifting, dancing, or doing yard work or something – suck. I’ve had the TENS unit buzzing away on my lower back all day. Bah!

That’s all. We learn every day, don’t we?

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Practical wisdom, joys and pains, motivation and tough love, from the perspective of a Mississippi mom, traveler, business owner, goal crusher, substance seeker, and full-time dreamer

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