Things I Learned Today / Thursday, July 29, 2021

Things I learned today…

Guys, I think it’s important to stop and think about the fact that we only get so much time. We only get so many days. We CHOOSE how to spend our time, and it should always be spent as wisely as possible.

We also CHOOSE whether or not to support and hold each other up or cast aspersions and tear each other down. Supporting others is REALLY important to me, and I would consider it one of my core values. So when it even a little bit feels like someone is being rude to me (or someone else) or treating me poorly, it really grinds my freaking gears.

It’s a thing these days to “stay in your lane”, and I kind of like that. You know why you should?

  • Because there’s always a backstory you know nothing about
  • Because there’s always a history you know nothing about
  • Because there’s always personal bullshit at play that you know nothing about
  • Because you’re always looking at it through your own lens (and so are they!)
  • Because it’s never good to insert ourselves where we don’t belong

You know what I wish for you? Confidence. I wish confidence for you. You. Every, single person who reads this.

I heard somebody say today that “if the pain outweighs the gain, you should make changes”. Boy, isn’t that gold?

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference, and except for not being able to see my bestest friends in person again for a long time, I think I’ll be ready to go home. My presentation is tomorrow, though. That’s exciting.

You ever watched how other people handle “tired”? They get bitchy. They don’t have much of a sense of humor. They can’t comprehend what you’re saying. Everything is funny. They can’t find the words they’re looking for. They keep looking around like they’re forgetting something (what are they even looking for?). It’s interesting.

It makes me mad if ever I get my feelings hurt about something. You know what I mean? I think it happens so rarely, and I’m generally able to shake things off, so when I do feel that twang and let something get to me, I get mad at myself for not being able to blow it off and let it go. Dumb. Plus, it makes me mad at myself for caring and letting somebody push my buttons. Uugghh.

I’m probably that person who isn’t handling “tired” too well right now. ha!

That’s all. We learn every day, don’t we?

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Practical wisdom, joys and pains, motivation and tough love, from the perspective of a Mississippi mom, traveler, business owner, goal crusher, substance seeker, and full-time dreamer

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